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National film museum


Screenings of the film Darkening extended until 30 September. Don't miss the first Czech film in virtual reality.

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Extended: VR film Darkening

One of Prague’s hidden gems, NaFilM will transport you to the fascinating world of cinema. As the first museum of its kind in the Czech Republic, it offers a unique hands-on experience and countless opportunities to learn. All film lovers from every generation will find something to enjoy! Beside a permanent exhibition we also have two temporary ones - dedicated to Czech Animation and Interwar Avantgard.

Discover how film works and learn about its history. Produce images from different historic projectors, such as the magic lantern or a hand controlled 35mm film projector. Discover visual experiments that led to the invention of moving pictures. Watch unique Czech films in one of our cinemas. Record your own film soundtracks in our recording studio, mastering the art of foley, and leave with your very own animation to share with the world. We also provide guided tours and educational programs for all age groups in English.

Plan your visit to enhance creativity within your class!

Our tours and workshops have been created to actively involve participants, allowing them to learn about the topics through their own hands-on experience. Our lecturer tailors the tour to your needs, using exhibits' interactivity to engage participants and foster the development of their creativity and media literacy.

We cooperate with many different organisations and collaborate on a number of international projects. Thanks to such activities NaFilM keeps developing - continually seeking innovative approaches to exhibiting and museum education, initiating interdisciplinary cooperations with Czech and foreign experts and extending our network of teachers and educators.

We have founded an international platform, ThinkFilM, dedicated to film education. We also collaborate with Czech film festivals every year and organise the Industry programme of film and audiovisual education during the annual Summer Film School in Uherske Hradiste.

Temporary installation: VR film Darkening

“A film museum? What a great idea! Czech cinema is unique, more than 100 years old, and definitely deserves a place where you could learn about it - and this film museum is exactly the right place.”

Janek Rubeš – Honest Guide

„I have visited many different film museums abroad and I must say that NaFilM is at the same high standard. Its interactive exhibits manage to explain even to kids how film works in a very playful way.”

Helena Třeštíková

“There are many film museums around the world. And I'm surprised we didn't have one for such a long time. And I'm really pleased that the idea to build it came from students.”

Jiří Menzel

“A film museum? What a great idea! Czech cinema is unique, more than 100 years old, and definitely deserves a place where you could learn about it - and this film museum is exactly the right place.”

Film New Europe

“In a city that has brought us some giants of film-making it is fitting that Prague now has a brand-new National Film Museum right in the city centre. The museum has plenty of hands-on activities for visitors of all ages, including the chance to build a film projection apparatus.”

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See film differently!

Opening hours:
Tue - Fri | 13:00 – 19:00
Sat - Sun | 10:00 – 19:00
(open mornings for larger group bookings)
full: 190 Kč
reduced (children, students, seniors): 140 Kč
family (2+2): 560 Kč
phone: +420 603 195 998
Mozarteum, Jungmannova 748/30, Praha 1 - city centre
Enter from the Franciscan Garden off Jungmann Square
Museum is funded by the City of Prague, the Czech Film Fund and the Ministry of Culture, the Visegrad Fund and Erasmus+. It is also supported by the Charles University in Prague that has given NaFilM a prestigious award for its outstanding contribution.