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ThinkFilM is an international film education platform that has been collaborating with international partners since 2016. It is dedicated to developing innovative educational programs that focus on film, museum education and the integration of game principles.

The project was created and is being further developed with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme and the Visegrad Fund. Several exhibitions, seminars, workshops and methodologies aimed at developing new educational programmes and training film educators have been created under this project. The ThinkFilM platform is constantly expanding, and we welcome new forms of collaboration and partnerships!

The international project ThinkFilM: Informal Education through play and problem solving (funded by the Erasmus+ programme) ran from 2018-2021, bringing together young people and professionals from the fields of art, game design, education and research to innovate in non-formal youth education through game-based principles.

As part of the project, we worked to develop a methodology for an educational escape room game in the museum space that can be downloaded here. We have also developed a prototype of the tabletop game "Become a sound master", which can be used as part of the museum's educational programmes for schools. The board game, which can also serve as an educational tool for teachers in the classroom, is available through contacting NaFilM via

Project Using AR in exhibitions to enhance film and audiovisual education for youth (funded by the Visegrad Fund) is dedicated to supporting the development of film and audiovisual education in the V4 region. The aim is to drive innovation in film and media education for youth aged 15 to 19, recognised to be the most difficult target group to engage with within museums and other cultural institutions.

We will address the problem by developing an accessible digital tool using augmented reality (AR) that provides museums, leisure organisations and educators a modern way to engage younger generations, that in turn can be easily shared within the V4 cultural and educational field. Project partners are DevKid (SK), Muzeum Kinematografii Lodz (PL) a Roma Visual Lab (HU).

NaFilM is a partner of the international project, which received support from the Creative Europe programme in 2020. The project aims to support cultural and educational organisations and empower them to work with their collections in an innovative and meaningful way using contemporary digital technologies

For example, the platform will include an online user interface for developing digital guides, virtual and augmented reality or digital games. The project partners are organisations from the cultural and creative, education and IT sectors from Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Our Foreign Partners

We have been organising an international Industry Programme on Film and Audiovisual Education in cooperation with the Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště since 2018. The programme is designed for primary, secondary and art school teachers, educators and lecturers of after-school clubs or workshops for children and youth, owners of movie theatres, hobbyists, and anyone actively interested in film education.

An essential part of the Industry Programme is the involvement of foreign experts who share their insights regarding the state of film and audio-visual education abroad and offer new impulses to further develop existing programmes in the Czech Republic. Industry participants can test out the presented methods and have the opportunity to see how they are received by the public, thanks to the engagement of other LFS visitors.

The Film Museum is located in the centre of Prague in the Franciscan Garden, near many of the cinemas and venues where Prague's film festivals or other film and cultural events take place. We offer event organisers unique museum spaces, museum cinemas and innovative programs for guests and the public.

We regularly cooperate with the Prague International Film Festival Febiofest and the One World International Human Rights Documentary Festival. We have held press conferences at the museum for the Zlín Film Fest International Film Festival for Children and Youth, the Finále Plzeň Film Festival and provided spaces for Creative Europe Culture Office's seminars for film professionals. The museum has also hosted the premiere of the Czech Television documentary series Postřehy odjinud and book launches for the Casablanca film publishing house.

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Opening hours:
Tue - Sun | 13:00 – 19:00
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Museum is funded by the City of Prague, the Czech Film Fund and the Ministry of Culture, the Visegrad Fund and Erasmus+. It is also supported by the Charles University in Prague that has given NaFilM a prestigious award for its outstanding contribution.